Please send Quote Requests, Purchase Orders, and Warranty Claims or FAX (425) 254-0009
Please call us at HQ 800-969-3913 and dial the extension you want to reach.

Sales Agent – 800-969-3913 + their ext

Contact Name State Contact Title Ext
Rick Cleveland  NV President & CEO 101
Shane Cleveland  WA VP Commercial & Industrial 102
Jim Huckins  CA Director Industrial Refrigeration 131
Troy Lambert  WA Industrial & Commercial Inside Sales Application Eng 133
Natalia Thompson  WA Order Expediter & Inside Sales & Support Team 111
Mike Davidson, PE  CA Industrial District Manager 134
Lonny Myers  WA Industrial Director Pacific NW Region 132
Shing Wong  CA Commercial Refrigeration Director 121
Angela Lambert  WA Evapco Part Sales & Business Manager 103
Chris Parker  WA Commercial Inside Sales Sr. Application Engineer 125
Chris McKinney  WA HVAC Product Manager 141
George Bannyan  CA Commercial District Manager SW Region 122
Rick Jones  WA Commercial Inside Sales Sr. Application Engineer 124
Chandra Myers  WA Commercial Order Logistics Support Team 112
Keith Basset  CA Industrial Inside Sales Application Eng 136
Brian Hendricks  NV Industrial Outside Sales and Engineering 135
Brad Grove  CA Commercial Outside Sales and Engineering 123
Jamie Tyzzer  WA Business Administrator 104
Sharon Howell  CA Support Order Management 113

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